Shelteam Teddybear

born 21. 7. 2004



in our garden

FATHER:  Interchampion, Multichampion, Baltic Winner, SUCH, FINUCH, EECH
  Sheldon Space Joker (now he is borrowed in Great Britain)

MOTHER:  Shelteam Savanah

SHOWS:  3x CACIB, res. CACIB, 3x CAC, r.CAC, CC, 2x CWC, 2x BOS, 2x BOB


ICH MultiCH Sheldon Space Joker

HD A, 38 cm


NUCH NV Kindergate The Joker
CEA clear, HD A
Kindergate Mc Duffey
Inglesice Inspiration
SUCH Conspirol Space Flower
CEA clear
SUCH Ohinima´s Red Rubin
CEA clear, HD A
SUCH Conspirol Space Puff

Shelteam Savanah
HD A, CEA clear, 33 cm


SUCH Snabswood Schnapps
CEA clear, HD A, 38 cm
GB CH Mohnesee The Illusionist

Snabswood Squiggle
Shelteam Dressed For Succes
HD A, 35.5 cm

MultiCH Lundecock´s Touch My Soul

CEA clear, HD A
SUCH Gordon Bell Pamela
CEA clear, 35.5 cm



author: Ewa Kubrak author: Ewa Kubrak   Teddy with son